Weekly #2: Tables and Forms

Created by Kelly Flynn

Table Examples

Source: Chapter 6: Example

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Form Example

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I started this class with zero knowledge of HTML and I was extremely intimidated, having no other code experience either. When I first started I wondered if this would something I was able to do. I procrastinated starting my homework this week, electing instead to focus on my math class and database class to be assured a good grade in this short quarter. My thinking, that if I can't get a good grade in PROG 109 then at least in the others I will do well. To my pleasant surprise I find that I can do this and I very much enjoy it as well. Watching a web page come to life is very exciting, as well as formatting to optimize it's function and appearance.
I had the most trouble finding how to create inline white space and I'm not even sure I did it correctly but I did manage. I used 3 Ways to Insert Spaces.
I'm asked to comment on one more elements that I learned this module, but it was all information in all three chapters. The application of this can been seen in my form and table above. I found class and ID attributes to be interesting as they eluded to needing these to define CSS rules. I look forward to learning more about CSS and more to follow.